Our Payment Policy

We realize that losing someone you love is a devastating experience. At Deiters Funeral Home and Crematory, we believe it is important to recognize and celebrate a life and want you to know we are here to assist your family in the arranging of an appropriate service that meet your individual needs.

It is also important to be realistic in regard to funeral expenses. We do not want a family to spend more than they should nor less than they would like. What is important is that funeral arrangements are kept within a family's wishes and budget. Therefore, payment in full is respectfully requested at the time arrangements are made.



Acceptable Methods of Payment:

Assignment of verifiable life insurance
Many families elect to have life insurance cover all of the expenses saving you and your family from having to come up with any money out of pocket. We work with an Insurance Assignment Processing company to assist in funding your services and any additional amounts you may need. A small processing fee is charged by the Insurance Assignment Company for processing and funding an insurance assignment. This fee (less than 5%) will be added into the amount assigned.

OPTION 2: Cash or Check
Cash or Check payment by the day of provided services; if services are scheduled out more than one week from arrangements, payment is expected within 7 days of arrangements.

OPTION 3: Pre-funded funeral arrangements
Remaining balances are due by the day of the provided services.

OPTION 4: Credit Card Payment
We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover payment by the day of the provided services.

Estate Payment Policy

We request that payment be made by you and then you be reimbursed by the deceased's estate when the estate is final.

Default of payment

In the event the account is not paid in full, the signing parties are responsible for the full payment plus 2% compounding monthly interest, and all costs of collection, whether an action be brought or not.







(Or the person in charge of making arrangements)







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