Answers to Your Questions About Cremation

 As more families choose cremation, we want you to know that there is a difference in how cremation services are handled and who handles them. 

Who owns the crematory?
Answer: We do. And only our licensed funeral directors operate the crematory. 
The Difference: Many crematories are not operated by licensed funeral directors who have the knowledge, experience, and compassion necessary to provide this type of service.

What happens before and after the cremation process?
Answer: Prior to cremation, we ask that a family member identify your loved one with the funeral director present.Your funeral director then handles the cremation from that point forward, until it is complete.
The Difference: Our Secure Care process puts your mind at ease by establishing and securing the chain of custody from the start. 

When are you available to help me?
Answer: We are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week. 
The Difference: We want to be here for you. We offer free consultations to visit, answer questions, or plan ahead. 

Where is the crematory and where will my loved one be until the time of cremation?
Answer: All cremations are done at our crematory located in the Meadow Valley Center in Washington. 
The Difference: From the funeral home to the crematory, your loved one never leaves our care and supervision.

Why are these questions important? 
Answer: Many providers find ways to cut corners in order to be the least expensive.
The Difference: We never sacrifice quality of service or care but remain conscious of cost, as we always have been.